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Current events

Here you will find the announcements of events which will take place during next time in chronological order

01.10.2020 - 02.10.2020
14th Aachen Technology and Innovation Management Conference
It can no longer be regarded as a luxury to have a carefully thought-out Technology and Innovation Management TIM strategy; it has become an absolute necessity! The core task of TIM is to ensure that the technologies (product, production and materials technologies) are available at the right time and at a reasonable cost. Successful technology and innovation management has previously been equated particularly in German engineering companies – with developing new technologies, introducing new products and pursuing a policy of continuous improvement. Nowadays, in addition to continuously improving the technology and product portfolio, it is becoming essential for companies to re-think the fundamental principals underlying their own business activities: their own business model. Technological differentiation and operational efficiency are often no longer enough to guarantee success in the environment of international competition. Disruptive innovations frequently originate from new business models and open the door to market success. In numerous presentations by experts, you will learn how suitable processes, structures and methods can be harnessed to create an efficient echnology and information management system. Alongside keynote speeches and examples from industrial practice, the emphasis will be on the exchange of ideas and opinions among participants.
07.10.2020 - 08.10.2020
Innovations in Bevel Gear Technology
Actual topics and trends in bevel gear technology are presented and discussed in this special-interest seminar which is well established among the international technical community. Nowadays customers require high performance bevel gears. Within this seminar current developments of design and calculation processes are introduced. Furthermore the new inventions in bevel gear production and quality inspection will be presented. The seminar gives an overview about the state of the art. Current problems in bevel gear production will be discussed in preparation for future research and developments. This conference will be offered with simultaneous translation into English.
04.11.2020 - 05.11.2020
Trends in Gear Soft Manufacturing
In our seminar, you will learn about current developments regarding the processes and strategies for the pre-machining of gears as well as their possibilities and limitations. Experts from well-known companies in the fields of machine tools, tool technology and powertrain technology will talk about their experiences, opinions and visions. The event focuses on contributions from the industry, which are supplemented by research-oriented topics and offers the opportunity for the exchange of experiences and discussion.